Tsunagian TABI-NE

2 to 8 guests

This traditional Kanazawa style Machiya is registered with Kanazawa city. It has garden and tea ceremony room, too.

  • Equipped kitchen
  • Large bathroom
  • Free parking for one car

Looking to stay at a traditional Kanazawa-style house

This traditional Kanazawa style Machiya is registered with Kanazawa city. It has garden and tea ceremony room, too.


take with you special memories of your stay

This accomidation is a traditional Kanazawa Machiya, located in a cozy area, just a 5 minutes walk to Kenroku garden. (Max capacity is 8 persons). It has a relaxing atmoshpere with an inside garden and a beautiful tea room.Kenroku garden is a very famous garden in Japan. Tourist from all over japan come to Kanazawa for Kenroku garden. We recommend to go there in the early morning when there are only a few people and it is very cozy. You will get a Zen feeling from garden.

Why the name "Tsunagian"?

"Tsunagi" means connecting to something in Japanese. We want to preserve old traditional houses for future generations. The owner of this house and his group are engaged in activities to preserve old houses. We are doing our part to help by renting it out as accommodations.

Traveling with pets

There is a few pet hotel in Kanazawa. That's why we change to "pet-available" from October,2018. In Kanazawa there is many park and walk alomg river with pets. I hope you enjoy kanazawa. (If you bring pets with you, you need to pay additional fee.)





6-3, Higashi Kenroku machi Kanazawa
Please be quiet at night. "For guests with pets". Please mention this at the time of booking. Please make sure to state the type, weight and number of pets when booking. If you bring more than four pets, a charge of JPY 3,000 per pet per night will be levied from the fourth pet onwards. Please do not leave your dog alone in the car or at the inn for long periods of time at night Please make sure that bedding is specified for the number of people staying.
2 to 8 guests

Shampoo/conditioner/body soap/bath towel/face towel/Losted green tea/yukata (free size)


Kitchenware(pan/pot/long chopstick/ladle/knife/cutting board/spatula)
Induction heat stove
Hair dryer
Futon and Bed
Washing machine


We ask our guests to be quiet during the night as this house is located in a residential area.
There is a few convenience store and restaurant nearby.
・If driving around the accommodation please be careful as roads are very narrow.・Some guest stay with their pets. If you have a animal allergy, I didn't recommend to stay. ・If you travel with your pets, you need to pay additional fee, -5kg dog:1000yen /1 night, a 5-10kg dog:2000yen /1 night. Please pay the fee in the day, you stay. In the following cases, it can not be accepted. ・outdoor dog ・Heating dog ・Unvaccinated dog