We are Comingle Co., Ltd.
that produce TABI-NE.
Our business is “being friend of Kanazawa”.

Comingle is a project than a company and we are a team of “making a lot of fans of Kanazawa all over the world”. Our service concept is being friend with customers so we have some projects such as TABI-NE hotel business, events and coordinating the plans for our friends from the other country who is planning to come to Kanazawa for studying and internship. We welcome our friends in any ways as much as we can. For example, if there are friends who wants to live in Kanazawa, we would help them to find the place to live and the jobs. There is only one thing that we would like to do, which is having people from all over the world who think, “There is a friend, Comingle in Kanazawa, so we would like to go to Kanazawa or got to like Kanazawa.” Therefore our business is called “Being your friend of Kanazawa”.



  • Kana Hayashi

    Hello! I’m from Nagoya and moved to Kanazawa, my husband was born here, especially for food.
    After I came here, I tried new restaurant for enjoying my life and for guests!!
    When we meet at check in office, please ask me about “my favorite restaurant”!!
  • Shungo Hayashi

    I love Kanazawa!!!
    I was born and raised in Kanazawa. I left Kanazawa one time for work and came back here, and realized how good Kanazawa is! I’d love to make Kanazawa better place for future with my funny and good friends!
    I am looking forward to meeting you!
  • Chieko Arai

    I was born in Toyama. But I lived in Tokyo for a long time.And finally I move to to my favorite place, Kanazawa.It has a lot of charming mountains, rivers and ocean near the city, and also historic towns and traditional culture.I would like to tell you the charms of Kanazawa people and the local attractions.Let’s explore Kanazawa with me!
  • Miyuki Kubota

    I grew up in Kanazawa, and I’ve lived in Tokyo for 7 years. And I realized that I loved my hometown and wanted to give back to this town which brought me up. I returned to this city to share the beauty of each seasons in Kanazawa with you guys. I’m looking forward to meeting you !
  • Katsuya Nomizu

    I was born and raised in Kanazawa, and moved to Tokyo and lived there for 20 years. I joined TABI-NE to give back to Kanazawa with the life experience in Tokyo. I traveled a lot in Japan but What I facionated by the most is the deep and beautiful culture from people and history in Kanazawa. You would feel the same if you stay long here, so I would like you to come here not only as a tourist but a Kanazawa citizen!
  • Yuki Terada

    I was born and raised in Kanazawa. Kanazawa is my favourite place ♡ I like the calm and relaxing atmosphere and the nature here. I prepare TABI-NE accommodations to welcome you with my best.
  • Ayaka Onomura

    It is a very important to have the time to stay at an acommodation on your trip.
    We hope you enjoy your trip through walking around kanazawa, talking with your friends and having a relaxing time in our accommodation.
    It is my pleasure to meet you all, and this is the reason I work here.