A taste of life in Kanazawa
– take with you special memories.

It's a time flaw that people who live in Kanazawa can feel in the everyday life.
Once you go deeper in Kanazawa,
you would feel the unique and special time in the simple,
soft and precious atmosphere.
Our best wish is to have you to live here not only to go sightseeing
because you could feel KANAZAWA TIME once you live here.
That's why we, TABI-NE as the hotel buisiness,
would like you to stay here as if you lived.
When you taste a life in Kanazawa,
you would have more special memories.



It's wonderful to have a lot of special experience in a trip, and of course we would help you. But we also think it's wonderful to have a daily life in it. So here is our idea of Kanazawa's everyday life in TABI-NE STYLE.

Hangover in Kanazawa

Feel free to drink a lot

The good news for you who like to drink. We have some houses near downtown. Why don't you go a lot of local Izakaya and have sake tasting with the spontenious idea? TABI-NE staff would join you if you would like.

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Family Time in Kanazawa

Spend time with your family

You can get a lot of hugs from your children only while they are small. The time flies so fast, so now it's the time to make family bond stronger in "the special feeling of travel" and "the atmosphere like your home".

Enjoy Your Meal in Kanazawa

Fill your memory and stomach with happpiness.

You can buy good sashimi even at local supermarkets. Kitchen is available in all the accommodations we have, so you can have home party! It's one of the best way for the people who has food allergy because they can make food by themselves safely.

Taking Your Pets in Kanazawa

We think dogs are one of your family member.

But there are not so many pet friendly accommodations in Kanazawa. So we made some for you! You can make yourself at home in the private houses. Why don't you make a wonderful memory with your pets with us?

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We Help Your Kids to Enjoy in Kanazawa

Don't worry about a family trip

It's tough to travel with small children, isn't it? But in our private houses, you don't have to worry about your neighbors, even if your child cries out loud. Relax and enjoy Kanazawa with us!

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Just Chilling in Kanazawa

Rich and relaxing time

Why don't you spend time, chatting random things with your frineds? We think that it's a great idea to have a graduation trip with your friends for a memory, relaxing and just doing nothing. We have houses for a group of people.

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