Tengu TABINE 2 to 10 guests / Cotengu TABINE 2 to 5 guests


Maximum capacity of up to 10 persons. The inn can be rented out as a single building.
For those coming by car: one car can be parked in front of the inn and one next to the Tengu Nakada Housenji-cho branch (free of charge).



Maximum capacity of up to 5 persons. The inn can be rented out as a single building.
For those coming by car: one car can be parked in front of the inn (free of charge).



Tengu TABINE” and “Cotengu TABINE” each have their own charms, so please choose the accommodation that best suits the number of guests and the scene of use.

(Tengu and Cotengu are adjacent to each other, but they are completely separate buildings.)



  • Free private parking
  • 15 minutes walk to restaurant district
  • With pets OK

This acommodation to enjoy with your doggy and famly.

【Tengu-TABINE】 This is a comfortable house where you can travel as if you were living in Kanazawa. The house is very spacious, with two toilets and washrooms, and can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people. Dogs and dogs are welcome. 【Cotengu-TABINE】 A private lodge next to Tengu Tabine. Lodge-style, cozy. The warmth of the wood and the simple, modern design make it a relax room rental.



Relatives and friends can stay in spacious Tengu Tabine, which has three bedrooms. There is also one bathroom on each floor. There is also a bedroom (2 beds) on the ground floor. The living room is about 10 tatami mats and is good for family gatherings. Two cars can be parked here. (One can be parked right in front of the inn).


Cotengu Tabine is compact with one bedroom, and has a uniform interior design, making it a relaxing space.The bedroom on the second floor has a desk, which is good for recently popular workcations. One parking space is available in front of the inn.

Recommendations for staying with your dog

The Saigawa River, a popular walking course for dogs, and the downtown area of Katamachi are also within walking distance, making it an easy area to spend time. There are also a number of excellent Kanazawa restaurants near the inn, and there is a café in front of the inn where you and your dog can go together, making it one of the most popular inns in Tabine.




11-34, Chuoudorimachi, Kanazawa
15 minutes walk to restaurant district, 10 miinutes to Knazawa station by car.
076-205-8092 *Please tell us the name of the inn first when you call.
Tengu-TABINE 2 to 10 guests/Cotengu-TABINE 2 to 5 guests

Shampoo/conditioner/body soap/bath towel/face towel/Losted green tea/yukata (free size)


Kitchenware (pan/pot/long cooking chopsticks/ladle/knife/cutting board/spatula)
Hair dryer
Futon and Bed
Washing machine


Please be quiet at night.

"For guests with pets".
Please mention this at the time of booking.
Please make sure to state the type, weight and number of pets when booking.
If you bring more than four pets, a charge of JPY 3,000 per pet per night will be levied from the fourth pet onwards.
Please do not leave your dog alone in the car or at the inn for long periods of time at night

Please make sure that bedding is specified for the number of people staying.