2 to 6 persons

Hashiba TABINE in Hashiba-cho, Kanazawa. 5-minute walk to Kenrokuen Garden and Higashi Chaya.

You can stay as if you were blending into the Kanazawa lifestyle.

Renovated old, small machiya townhouse, which can be rented out as a whole house.

  • 3 minutes walk to a convenience store
  • walking distance to Higashi-Chaya-District
  • Old-fashioned atmosphere.

Hashihata-TABINE, with its nostalgic and relaxing atmosphere.

The building is located in Hashibacho, a residential area near the Asano River. Tourist spots are nice to visit, but you can also take a leisurely stroll along the river at sunset and or touring the alleyways with a great atmosphere, you can enjoy yourself as if you were a local. Although small, there's a little garden at the back. I think you will enjoy spending time relaxing on the veranda.


Living rooms that feel like your home.

The living room has a relaxed atmosphere that reminds you of the nostalgic feeling of being at grandma's house. Sometimes it's nice to sleep together as a family.

Small garden with a touch of Kanazawa.

Hashibata Tabine has a small garden. This is a special space just for guests where they can feel the changing seasons of Kanazawa. It is also great to have a relaxing cup of tea on the veranda or, after eating sushi in Omimachi, return to the inn and take a nap on the veranda.

Kitchens are fully equipped with cooking utensils and appliances.

The kitchen, which retains much of its old-fashioned atmosphere, is fully equipped with plates and cooking appliances. You can buy fish and vegetables at the market and have dinner at the inn. We hope you enjoy your stay as if you were living in Kanazawa.




1-18, Hachibacho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan
10 minutes to Kanazawa station, 5 minutes to Kenroku garden and Higashichaya district.
076-205-8092 *Please tell us the name of the inn first when you call.
2 to 6 guests

Shampoo/conditioner/body soap/bath towel/face towel/Losted green tea/yukata (free size)


Wireless LAN
Cooking utensils (frying pan / pot / spatula / chopsticks / ladle / knife / chopping board)
IH hob (2 burners)
Microwave oven
Hair dryer
Rice cooker
*Shower room only. There is no bathtub.


The house can be rented out for a maximum of six people.
The house is an old townhouse that has been renovated, so using a lot of electricity at once may cause the circuit breaker to trip. Please be aware of this.
For those coming by car
 There is no parking on the premises.
 If you come by car, please use the nearby coin-operated parking.
 (Overnight parking fees: 800 yen - 1,500 yen).
Please keep quiet during the night.